Honestly, what do you guys think? I'll start off with Creddie:

Honestly, I think the humor would be cheesy. I don't know, but I didn't laugh at all in iSYL, except with the assassin game and Gibby's lines. Another thing is, I really do think that they would just kiss the whole episode, and they would kiss in front of Sam. Sam didn't seem to mind as MUCH in iSYL, but that was because they dated for a short period of time. She knew it wouldn't last. But, if she saw they were serious about dating, that's when she would be more distant and quiet, and less energetic than her usual self. Okay, so far, I've just been bashing Creddie, so I'll stop. A positive thing would probably be...people would get used to them dating? Oh, that failed. Okay, movin' on!

Okay, let's talk about Seddie. First off, Carly really wouldn't care. She can get any guy, and she hasn't shown that she is attracted to Freddie in my opinion. So, I don't see why she would mind. Again, the humor would still be there. I mean, it's Seddie!!! Humor's everywhere! They wouldn't kiss constantly, partly because Sam wouldn't want to all the time. And we all know that it seems as if Dan's running out of ideas for iCarly. Well, with Seddie, there would be tons of ideas. Do not deny the power of Seddie!!! A negative thing... um...well, here's one. In Victorious, Bade always makes me sick. They constantly make out, and Jade's obsessed with Beck. I don't want that to happen to Seddie, so if it did, that would be a major problem. That's all I got.

Okay, go!!!

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