Long title, LOL

Anyways, it's basically what the title says. Note: If you are not comfortable stating your secret, there is absolutely NO need to. Don't make yourself uncomfortable. :) If you don't want to state the secret itself, you can also just say how many people you've actually told it to or something.

My deepest, darkest, most personal and secretive secret? Well, this may not seem like such a humongous deal to you, but to me, it's the one thing I don't want people to find out/talk about.

I was born with pyloric stenosis, a disease in young babies that causes projectile vomiting and dehydration. It's very serious if not treated properly and you can die from it. You need to have surgery to get it fixed. I had this surgery and I am perfectly healthy now. You may be thinking, "Well, why are you so embarrassed about this?"


Because, the surgery that I got to fix my pyloric stenosis, left a scar. A large, humongous, ugly four-inch scar an inch above my belly button. I am SO self-conscious about it, it's not even funny. I'm always one of those lame people at the pool or the beach wearing the one-piece or the tankini while everyone else wears a bikini. I mean, I could wear a bikini if I wanted to, but it's just so hard. I'll get questions and curious looks and it drives me insane. Urgh...

The worst part, though, is the sympathy I receive. I know if I tell anyone, they'll give me sympathy and pity, which I DON'T WANT! Why give me it? I'm perfectly healthy, it's not like my life is in danger. I just hate it when people pity me for something that shouldn't need pitying because, honestly, it's very hard to respond or deal with something like that.

The only person I've told is my best friend and I just recently told her. It was the hardest thing I've ever had to do and I was so scared for her response, but she reacted perfectly. She didn't laugh (something that's a first for her LOL), she sat their, listened, and prompted me when I stopped talking. And, best of all, she didn't treat me awkwardly or as a different person. She was...normal around me. I'm very grateful for that.

One girl I know is always embarrassing me about it. She blurts it out at every party and totally humiliates me. She knows I hate talking about, but she does talk about it anyways for no reason. She hates me, but I can't believe she could hate me that much. I hate it so much.

Anyways, what's your secret? And if you're not willing to share, it's fine. Comment away!

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