Okay, this blog is pretty much addressing the fact that this wiki keeps splitting it's fanbase up into 'Creddie' and 'Seddie' (Cam, Spam, etc.). I really don't understand this. Are we, like, seperate species now? Do we have to classify ourselves as different 'types' of people or something? Everywhere I go, I hear, "Wow, look what the Creddiers did..." or "Ugh, those Seddiers..." What's up with that?!? I'm not saying that we SHOULDN'T ship, I'm saying, why are we splitting ourselves up so much? Do we actually disagree on something so much that we feel the need to split up? We're all people, we all are members of this wiki, and we all love iCarly, so why do we spend our time here splitting ourselves up? Why do we immediately run to our pages and yell at anyone who isn't a "part" of it? It just gets on my nerves! And then there's the fact that we have 'Creddie only' blogs or 'Seddie only' blogs. We're all friends; why should we limit blogs/pages to only people of our "species" (honestly, it's gotten so bad that it seems like that.)? What, are we members of two different tribes that are constantly fighting? To me, it just doesn't make sense that we're splitting our fanbase up so much. Before iOMG it wasn't so bad. Before iSaFW it wasn't really bad at all. Now it seems everyone is yelling at anyone who is in the opposite ship and people are actually calling other people's ideas 'crazy' or 'stupid.' How are we supposed to have friends on the opposite ship if we can barely speak to them? It's driving me crazy!

I really wish people would just loosen up and forget about ships for just a minute. Just think about how everyone else is feeling. It's overwhelming when I go on this wiki and see people fighting on basically every page! Can't we all just have fun together? Urghhh...

And what's with this thing about, "Oh, Seddie is winning, so if you ship Creddie, you need to shut up and stop speculating. We're winning, you're losing, so hope to see you on Team Purple!" Really? Team Purple? This is an example of some people on this wiki feeling they have dominance over others. It just shows that people take shipping way too far.

Anyways, yeah, I don't think it's right to start calling one group on one page the 'Creddiers' and one group the 'Seddiers.' We can ship and we can call ourselves Creddiers and Seddiers, but when it comes to the point that we have to discriminate a group of people (shippers), it's gone too far. It's also gone way too far when Seddiers stereotype and call all Creddiers 'quiet, weak, and boring.' Or when Creddiers call all Seddiers 'loud, crazy, and overconfident.' Why stereotype? Why differentiate? Why not just all be friends?'

So, what'd you think? Agree? Disagree? Leave a comment!

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