Now, in iSaved Your Life, we all know the plotline. Freddie saved Carly from a taco truck, blah, blah, blah... But this blog is about if Freddie would have done the same for Sam. I say, definitely! I personally think that Freddie saved Carly out of pure friendship, not love. He cared about her as a friend enough to risk his life for hers. He would have done the same for Sam. Freddie's a naturally caring person, and he can't bear to see his family and friends hurt, so he does things like this. We already have instances where it is shown that Freddie doesn't want Sam hurt (physically.) Two examples are iCook and iMust Have Locker 239. In iCook, he pulled Sam away from the burning locker, and in iMust Have Locker 239, he pushed her against the wall to save her from Pam's incoming car. In my opinion, he saved Carly's life out of friendship, not love, and the same goes for Sam. Do you guys agree? Disagee? Please comment!

I forgot about the iReunite with Missy thing, and iQuit iCarly. Thanks, guys, for remind me!

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