In the spirit of iOMG, I have decided to make a blog explaining the appeal of Seddie.

For one, the love/hate relationship. Seddie isn't perfect. Seddie isn't pristine. It's crazy. It's a rollercoaster. It's fighting all the time, it's bickering at every small comment. But it's also that at the end of the day, you know they would do anything for each other. It's the friendship that is shown, even if it's secretly expressed. It's the way that they've always been there for each other. It's the silent understanding that no other characters on the show have. It's the excitement. It's the way they bring out this side of each other that no one else can do. It's the way that Sam can hold Freddie's attention and get him more riled up than anyone else.

It's the way Seddie is unpredictable. Mainly, if I'm making a comparison, I will compare it to Creddie because it is the one that I hear of the most(plus, I sometimes ship a lot of the others, just never Creddie for reasons I'm about to explain). With Creddie, it's so predictable. It's so perfect. It's so sweet, and never messy. With Seddie, an endearing comment could end with a kick or a punch, or it could and with a sweet comment in return. It's a constant thrill, a constant entertainment, a constant humor because you never know the outcome and you're always bracing yourself for the unexpected, since you can't be sure about anything.

It's like The Way I Loved You by Taylor Swift. Creddie would be nice. Creddie would be sweet. Creddie would be perfect. But where's the emotion? It's just simple and plain and classic. Seddie is wild. Seddie brings out emotion, if anything. Seddie is frustrating, but it's something. It's not just there.

Now, I didn't mean this as a ship warring, I want to stress that. I never said anything against Creddie, truly. I just am not a fan of the perfection of it. That's all I meant. I couldn't fully explain the appeal of Seddie without a comparison, and that happened to be the easiest comparison.

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