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  • Seddiejathanfan

    Okay so this blog is not suppose to be thought of as 'attention seeking' or anything bad. It's just me saying that I love you guys so much to the point where I wish I could literally meet you all. So I've been through a lot and stuff and trust me, if it wasn't for some of you guys, I don't know where I'd be standing in this world. So please don't think I'm being an attention seeker XD. Even though we may have some shipping differences, and we may all get into fights at one point, I can't stop wanting to virtually hug you all XD

    Thanks for being supportive of me in every way possible. Thanks for when I caused trouble or offended you guys to not lash out on me or anything, I truly didn't mean to :( Anyway, I just wish you guys the best in wha…

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  • Seddiejathanfan

    Hello ICarly Wikians! Purple255225:D, ABN 7854, SeddieCupcake, Coco Cheese, Gawesome11 and I all thought it would be fun to have a going away party! I will be web-camming the episode so if there are any people here that don't live in the USA can watch. It starts a half hour before the episode does. I don't know about the West Coast and East Coast difference but it begins at 6:30 pm ( I think that's East Coast). I will make another blog to say further details. Until then, have fun.

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  • Seddiejathanfan

    My Goodbye

    August 23, 2011 by Seddiejathanfan

    Well everybody after leaving a comment on the seddie page saying that I will be gone for the next 9 months I realized that it wasn't enough and that I should atleast give a proper goodbye and say why I am leaving.

    So Here is the Reason Why:

    In the Caribbean especially in Jamaica I as in a 6th grader have to take a special test called GSAT which stands for Grade Six Acheivement Test {GSAT} . It is a very special test as it determines which high school I will be going to. It will take EIGHT months of studying so I won't be on as often as I used to maybe once in every three months. GSAT takes place sometime in March 2012 so until then you will see me very sparingly [did I use it in context right cause if I did …

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  • Seddiejathanfan

    1. At first, My BFFand I were gonna toilet paper and hang purple streamers on everyone's house in my community but it was brought to my attention that could get in serious trouble with the police so that is definately off the list.

    2. I'm gonna dress completely in purple!

    3.Eat purple candy!

    4.Buy as much food as possible!

    5.Serenade my community with Running Away by AM.

    6.Chant Seddie 88 times infront of my house while waving my ILost My Mind Poster and book in the air!!

    7.Tell my parents that the Tv belongs to me for that night.

    8. Last but not least I'm gonna make sure everyone in my family watches it and try to turn my cousin who ships creddie into a seddie shipper by the end of the night!


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