Well everybody after leaving a comment on the seddie page saying that I will be gone for the next 9 months I realized that it wasn't enough and that I should atleast give a proper goodbye and say why I am leaving.

So Here is the Reason Why:

In the Caribbean especially in Jamaica I as in a 6th grader have to take a special test called GSAT which stands for Grade Six Acheivement Test {GSAT} . It is a very special test as it determines which high school I will be going to. It will take EIGHT months of studying so I won't be on as often as I used to maybe once in every three months. GSAT takes place sometime in March 2012 so until then you will see me very sparingly [did I use it in context right cause if I did then YAY!!!

Adding on to this I will have to be apart of what is called The Junior School's Challenge Quiz its kinda like Math Leagues in the USA except our's is consisted of Math, English, Science,Bible Knowledge, Social Studies kinda like Geography and TV as in Entertainment. I'm not really so enthusiastic about it beacause it airs live on television *sarcrastic tone* * Great Huh* !!

Well guys I WILL really miss all of you guys and I hope you remember me!!

Here are some chocolate and roses!!

Red and Chocolate, My Favorites!

Roses are red violets are blue I always smile because i know i have great friends like YOU! cheesy huh?

Hope you find that special ROSE, cause you love and care for the one you chose...

I'm gonna really miss you guys!

Free Tasty Technicolor Treats Creative Commons

You guys have very colorful [in the good way] imaginations! Thats why I like you!

Santa - truffles - chocolate fondant

Maybe I'll see you in Christmas!! :-)

Oh yeah and one more thing on Septrmber 10 may be the last day I see you in a VERY long time so untill then PARTY!!!!

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