yup, im a seddier

Ok now this blog doesn't match with the title so don't tell me now.

And it isn't about how I feel about the seddie break up either, so please don't pick on me because I didn't know what I was writing in the start, thanks to Truefriend101

Thank you,


So I never watched iLove You but I spoiled myself by visiting the iLove You page and found out that they broke-up at midnight and many youtube seddie fans hope this wiki is strong enough too keep their words that they aren't gonna break up, well, it didn't, they were only strong when they said that they will break up at midnight. Now I'm very heart brokened but I wasn't surprised because this episode is the end of the storyline of the episode iOMG. That's why they had to break-up. But I thought to myself, maybe this isn't too bad, I mean even if they broke-up doesn't mean their relationship is over FOREVER. And besides, Creddie and Seddie are just a television's show relationship. And all the love thing will be not be thinked too much and the comedy and laughter will be back. The creddiers had an even worse time because Freddie and Carly's relationship only lasted for one episode. And you shoudn't hate Dan for this, both seddiers and creddiers think that he could be unfair.It's all a show, and things could be worst if you argue about it with others, like the creddie fans. We have our own side and we should just stick with it instead of being mad at each other, it is okay if you want to have a nice little chit-chat with them. And maybe you will be friends with the creddie fans or the creddie fans will be friends with the seddie fans, who knows? The future of iCarly won't be too bright, it will spoil iCarly. And Carly made a good point in iStart a Fanwar. iCarly might be a pointless comedy and I know she ment was the webshow but iCarly isn't about romantic relationships to argue on. So if your still disappointed think of comedy instead of romance (between Sam and Freddie).

Anyway I'm sorry if I had the story over and over but I'm in the age less than 12

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