Attention: Creddiers, this blog isn't for arguing with seddiers, it's just who's side their on, please comment only if you have something nice to say. Okay I'm not gonna give you quizzes or anything but I'm going to tell you how it feels to be either sides of the team. Plus I know I'm suppose to write next Friday but I decided to make it everyday if I can make it.

Team Puckett

So when your team Sam it's like your friends with her. It means you delay all Freddie things when it come's to this, for example "That would be 36 dollars" T-bo said, Sam and Fredie starts an argument and you agree for Sam if she says boys don't treat their "chics" like that (means that they shold pay no matter how expensive. It means that you agree with most of Sam's reactions and pushiness.

Team Benson

Now team benson is the total opposite of team Puckett. Freddie could be nice to Sam but is very impatient and gets mad easily to her, too. If your in Freddie's side, Sam would punch you in the face or if you invited her to your birthday party, your card might say, "I want to punch you, punch Sam" or your present might be a big, Big BIg, BIG punch from ready-to-punch-you Sam Puckett. Ha-ha just kidding, bye for now.

Not sure who side your on? Go to iPlay and find out by clicking team Sam nd Freddie trivia game!

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