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  • I am Female.
  • Seddielover101

    Many Seddie shippers have been complaining that by the looks of the promo, iHire an Idiot will be a Creddie-based episode, much to their discontentment. Now, I can't say that it won't, because it really does seem to look like it's gonna revolve around Creddie, but you have to remember all of the strong hints Dan has dropped on us. He confirmed Sam was upset during iSpeed Date, he promotes Seddie vids but never promotes Creddie vids (No offense) and by his blogs it's easy to tell that he likes Seddie.

    But however, he has dropped hints on Creddie as well, so nothing is for sure. But come on, guys, we've been waiting MONTHS for an iCarly episode, and now we're finally getting one. And even if it's Creddie, at least it's an episode, right? Plus…

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  • Seddielover101

    What the...?

    November 29, 2010 by Seddielover101

    So I was watching the new Disney channel show called "Shake It Up" and I noticed stuff that resembled to Dan Schneider's shows like iCarly, Victorious and Zoey 101.

    1) One of the main characters friends, I forgot his name, has merchandises in his jacket pockets and sells them to his friends. Sounds familiar? It should. Because that's what Rip Off Rodney from season one constantly did.

    2) This one's for those who watched Zoey 101 when it was still on, the main character's little brother, his name is Flynn, drank three bottles of energy drinks which the main character, her name's CC, wanted her and her best friend to drink to be energetic for the dance thingy they have on their show Shake It Up. He was completely filled with energy and ran aro…

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  • Seddielover101

    New Look for Wikia.

    October 21, 2010 by Seddielover101

    Who else is loving the new look for the iCarly and Victorious wikias other than me? For me, it's a whole lot better than the one before, what do you guys think?

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  • Seddielover101

    Hey! Seddielover101 here!
    So one day I was strolling through FanFiction and saw a Creddie forum, there were tons of Creddiers singing Creddie praises (e.g.: "it's too cute," "they are soooo meant for each other," "Creddie blows the flippin' socks of Seddie", "Creddie is so amazing!" and many more. I was wondering why Creddiers like Creddie so much, no offense but it basically makes no sense to me.

    Can someone please explain to me why Creddie is so amazing, fabulous, incredible and wonderful without bashing Seddie? Thanks.



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  • Seddielover101

    Just a random question that my friend Alyssa asked me today on the beach, I chose coins, what do you think, would you rather live with Justin Bieber or get hit with a large bag of coins?

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