Many Seddie shippers have been complaining that by the looks of the promo, iHire an Idiot will be a Creddie-based episode, much to their discontentment. Now, I can't say that it won't, because it really does seem to look like it's gonna revolve around Creddie, but you have to remember all of the strong hints Dan has dropped on us. He confirmed Sam was upset during iSpeed Date, he promotes Seddie vids but never promotes Creddie vids (No offense) and by his blogs it's easy to tell that he likes Seddie.

But however, he has dropped hints on Creddie as well, so nothing is for sure. But come on, guys, we've been waiting MONTHS for an iCarly episode, and now we're finally getting one. And even if it's Creddie, at least it's an episode, right? Plus, remember, iHAI was filmed BEFORE iSAFW, and remember how Carly and Freddie denied being in love, and how Sam and Freddie dodged their questions? Also, who knows, iHAI could just be Creddie friendship. And there might be Seddie moments, but don't set your hopes too high, and the same thing goes for Creddiers, since Dan has disappointed us, and I mean ALL of us, before.

What matters is that we're getting an iCarly episode, finally. Let's just watch it for the comedy, laughs, and Carly's possible freak outs. Come on, who doesn't laugh when Carly freaks out? Might I remind you of iThink They Kissed? She was awesome there. Also, Sam and Freddie still haven't answered whether or not they liked their kiss, so don't worry so much.

The possibilities are endless, people. Anything can happen. So unless Creddie officially declares that they still like each other there's hope for Seddie. The same thing goes for Creddiers, also I hope none of you set your hopes too high. Seddiers did that for iBeat the Heat and remember what happened? Total disappointment, but there were many funny parts. So let's just watch it for the comedy first, and then we'll go on to the relationship shippings. Because iCarly = Comedy 1st, Relationships 2nd.

That is all. :)

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