So I was watching the new Disney channel show called "Shake It Up" and I noticed stuff that resembled to Dan Schneider's shows like iCarly, Victorious and Zoey 101.

1) One of the main characters friends, I forgot his name, has merchandises in his jacket pockets and sells them to his friends. Sounds familiar? It should. Because that's what Rip Off Rodney from season one constantly did.

2) This one's for those who watched Zoey 101 when it was still on, the main character's little brother, his name is Flynn, drank three bottles of energy drinks which the main character, her name's CC, wanted her and her best friend to drink to be energetic for the dance thingy they have on their show Shake It Up. He was completely filled with energy and ran around the house all day and kept rambling about random things. Sounds familiar? Well it should. Because Quinn, one of Zoey's best friends who is super smart, invented an insanely energetic energy drink on their Spring Break in their friend Logan's house, which Dustin, Zoey's little brother, drank and ran around the house and kept saying random stuff and was super hyper, like Flynn.

3) The guy who sells stuff sold pants that lit up. Wasn't there a guy who's pants lit up in iSpace Out?

4) Shake It Up. I don't know, it reminds me a lot of Victorious. I guess it didn't copy from Victorious, although CC's mom is a cop, but I don't think they copied that.

So what do you guys think? Do you think they copied all of that stuff intentionally, or it's just a coincidence?

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