Hiya guys,

Wasssupp? Seddiemaniac95 here.So as we Seddiers are impatiently waiting for ilost my mind to air,I thought I would post a little something to think about.Firstly I would like to mention that this is my very FIRST blog.SO NO RUDE COMMENTS,PLEASE.I posted this theory on the ilost my mind comment page but sadly didnt get much reviews...:(

So I am hoping it will gain more attention here.Ok,so I think I should stop my yapping and get on with it.

Lets trace back to the first few episodes of icarly.Freddie was always in love with Carly,right? Well she always rejected him.Freddie on the other hand,never gave up.Little did he know that there was a certain blonde-headed demon slowly falling in love with him(mostly after ikiss).But it seems like around the third season,freddie s crush on carly was fading away.Around that time,freddie saved her life and they became a couple.Now did you notice that Freddie was NEVER the one to lean into the kiss?It was always Carly.Dan gave the creddie shippers their chance.When creddie broke up,freddie told carly that after the whole hero thing was over,if she felt the same way,they would try to make the relationship work again.Now after many episodes Carly did NOT confront Freddie about this.That means her love for him wasnt real right?It proves that Sam was right. Now in iomg,her best friend in the whole world confesses that she loves Freddie. Now after all this drama ,if carly said she loved freddie,wouldnt you think that is jealousy? But Carly is a good friend .She wouldnt do that. But now you must be confused right? Because Dan said both the ships will be happy with the future of icarly.I think he meant that he would make the shows extra funnier in order to please everybody.But there are a load of creddie fans out there too.So I am sure Dan will add a lot of friendship moments between carly and freddie. Remember,this is just a guess.

Please think about this too-Why WHY would Dan mention is his list of questions that will be answered by seeing ilost my mind if Freddie would somehow end up dating Carly? We thus enter the ever puzzling and brilliant brain of Daniel Schneider.Let me say this.When iCarly was created,I bet no one even imagined this whole Seddie Creddie shipping thing.I think they just wanted to create a comedy show.But it is us FANS who converted iCarly from a comedy to a completely relationship-y kind show .So what did poor Dan do? He probabbly researched and found that majority of the fans were Seddie shippers.And thus decided to hand over victory to us Seddiers.But he also posts things which makes the Creddie shippers happy.So which ship is for the win?We will just have to depend on the future episodes for that answer.

Hope you like my blog.Please comment.

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