Hola iCarly-lovers!

Seddiemaniac95 here. So I thought I would just take off some time to clear the confusion as to what season is currently going on. I realize the title is kinda weird. That's because I couldn't think of a very good one. LOL.

So here's the thing. I was going through some pages and I realized that a lot of people are confused because they don't know whether this is Season 4 or 5. Well,its actually its both. Confused? Read the next paragraph to clear your confusion.

Well, if you look at the production codes for Season 1, all of them start with the the number 1, like they are supposed to. But if you look at the production codes for Season 2 and 3, both start with 2 , when Season 3 is supposed to start with 3. Season 4 starts with 3 and Season 5 starts with 4. Wanna know why? Technically, Season 3 is the second-half of Season 2. Yep, the iCarly crew MEANT the Season 3 episodes to be the continuation of Season 2. But someone messed up(dunno who) and eventually they became two different seasons , even though it was not meant to. I think the crew of iCarly wanted it to be Season 2, and that's probabbly why the production codes start with 2. But Nick probabbly decided that Season 2 already had enough episodes and hence told Dan to make a new opening video and other necessary changes. Or it could be the other way around. I 'm not exactly sure. These are just guesses. But I know for a fact that either Nick/iCarly crew meant Season 3 to be the second-half of Season 2. That's the reason why both Season 2 and 3 have indentical production codes(the first digit). There will definitely be a Season 6 which starts production in 2012. But if you check online, it says production of Season 5 starts in 2012. That's because of the mistake in production codes. After Season 6? Well I sincerly hope for a Season 7, but I doubt there will be. Eventually by that time, Jennette will turn 20 . Both Miranda and Nathan will be 19. I mean , I guess they could still do it because there is only a 2-year difference between the actors and their characters.In Jennette's case, there is a 3-year gap. But they have college and stuff.... Eventually, all T.V shows come to an end.*sniff* Atleast it lasted these many seasons. Most shows only last for 4 seasons,right? Anyway, I am just gonna hope for the best. There is a whole load of awesome episodes coming our way anyways.

I hope this cleared your confusion. If it didn't well, I don't know ... send me a tweet or something. My id is iCarlySeddieLov. I tried to explain it in the best possible way I can but ya' know I ain't the best explainor. Hope you understood anyway.


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