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I Am Leaving The Wiki....... for now!

Hi guys, its me. So you're probably wondering why I'm leaving the wiki. No its not over something stupid like "No one likes me anymore... Boo hoo". I'm leaving(for now) because I need to pay attention to my grades. There slipping like crazy. I know I know, it's too late to try and improve my grades. But I really need good grades. I'm failing two classes, I have two D's, and three C's. Yeah, not great at all. I just got my report card today, and my mom and dad aren't so pleased with that.

I'll miss you guys a lot. But don't worry, I won't delete my account. I'll just go on once in a blue moon to say hello or make a few edits on the wiki. Or maybe even write a few blogs or fanfics. Anyway, I love you guys a lot :D You all are amazing in your own ways. The people I made friends with the most is Yoshi, Hihi, SeddieIceCream, SeddieMeBadeFan, Alica, TenCents, DoubleCross, SpencerFanGirl, PurpleCandyCane,CreddieCupcake, Lotstar, EpicFork, Cartoonprincess, Ace, Creddie4life, Kezzie, Devon Anderesen(hoped I spelled that right)... and etc. (:

Yes, I'm still a Seddie shipper & always will be, lol. Don't get it twisted sweeties. I love all of you though, wish me luck that I'll actually pass my grades.

When I come back, you better still have remembered me because I swear, it took me 4 months to make friends with all of you. xD And I want that to stay the same.

Seddie FTW!!!! :D <33333

-SeddieMonster a.k.a Alicia, Monster, Monzy.

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