Okay guys ! This is part 2 of the fanfic. So , I hope you guys enjoy. I worked really hard on this for the past couple of days. :D Leave comments below.

Freddie walks downstairs....

Freddie- Okay guys , lets start the show.

Carly- What about Gibby ?!

Freddie- In 5,4,3,2---

Carly- I'm a Carly !

Sam- And I'm a Sam !

  • Gibby slams door wide open*


Carly and Sam- And this is iCARLY!! WHOOO!

Sam- Okay , well you all know Carly's cooky brother Spencer.

Carly- Yes , I think they're aware of my brother.

Sam- Well , he's gonna be on iCarly's newest game show called ....

Carly and Sam- GIBBY , SPIN THAT WHEEL !

Gibby- I'm gonna be the one spinning it.

Sam- Uh huh.

Carly- Okay , come out here SPENCER!


Spencer- Ello , govna!!

Sam- Yeah , that accent is really creepy.

Spencer- Creepy ? I find it very ..... well yes creepy.

Carly- You ready ?

Spencer- Indeed.

Carly- Let's get started. But first , Freddie will switch places with me.

Sam- Wait what ?!

Freddie- On it.

Sam- Wait what's going on here ?

Carly- Shhh , just relax.

Sam- He's not gonna co- host again is he ?! I mean , it was a disaster last time !! Please!

Freddie- Sam, I'm not co-hosting.

Sam- Ohh , alright.

Carly- Let the games begin!!

Spencer- Okay , Samantha ! Question number one. Who invented the ball game , basketball ?

Sam- Idk , uhhhhmmm. Let;s see..... OOH I know. Isn't it that bushy hair guy Gary Kress ?

Spencer- EHHHH , WRONGG!

Sam- Pshh whatever , I don't wanna play this stupid game anyway.

Freddie- Sam.

Spencer- Okay next question . Who invented the Fat Cakes?

Sam- OHH! Eeeek , you know I really don't --- Brian Fisher !

Spencer- DING DING DING! That is correct .


Spencer- Okay , the next question you get right , you'll win a grand prize.

Sam- Yeah yeah whatever . Next question.

Spencer- Next question is , who built the Fat Cake Factory ?

Sam- Uhhmmm. Okay I really don't remember this one.

Freddie- C'mon Sam you can do it.

Sam- Uhh , let's see. Uhmm , Harold Greenday ?



Freddie- But , I wasn't even playing .....


Spencer- Gibby , SPIN THAT WHEEL!

Gibby- Spinning the wheel.

Spencer- Okay , the arrow is on..... YOU WON AN ENVELOPE !

Sam- Hehh? You're joking , right?

Spencer- Afraid not , Sam.

Sam- BUT BUT !

Freddie- Open the envelope.

Sam- Fine , but I don't see why . Its just an empty envelope ! OHH OHH MY GOD!

Freddie- Told ya'.

Sam- NO WAY !!! SHUT UP!

Spencer- We shall not shut up!!

Sam- OMG , this is amazing . I'm going to the FATCAKE FACTORY!

  • Freddie looks excited and he's smiling*

Carly- Okay Freddie , lets switch back.

Freddie- Switchin back !


Carly- Byee !


Freddie- And we're clear.

Carly- Great show you guys.

Sam- Thanks.

Freddie- Congrats Sam.

Sam- Thank you. Okay , who was the one that did all this ?

  • Freddie and Carly look at each other*

Sam- C'mon guys , you don't think I'm stupid do you ? I know when someone sets me up. Who did this ?

Freddie- Well uhmm...

Carly- Freddie did.

Freddie- Yepp.

Sam- Heh ? Hahhaaa okay stop joking. Who really did it ? My mom ? My aunts ? Ohh , my Uncle Carmine and Chaz from prison ?! They always knew how to pull some strings.

Carly- NOO!

Freddie- It was really me.

Sam- But ... why ?

Freddie- Because , I knew how much you liked those fatcakes. So I pulled some strings, and payed for the tickets.

Gibby- He gave them to me to give to you.

Freddie- Yeah.

Sam- Ohh. Uhmm..

Carly- What do you say Sam?

Sam- OH BE QUIET! I know what to say. I know how to say thank you.

Carly- Alright.

Sam- Thank you Freddie. That was really sweet of you.

Freddie- Your welcome.

Sam- Well , aren't you gonna squeeze me until I turn blue ?

Freddie- Yeahh.

  • Freddie hugs Sam , then Sam looks at Freddie and smiles*

Freddie- Uh Sam ?

Sam- Uh huh.

Freddie- You're squeezing my lungs.

Sam- Oh , sorry.

Freddie- It's cool.

Carly- Awwww.

Gibby and Spencer- AWWW!

Freddie- Shut up !

Sam- So uh, Gibby ?

Gibby- Yeah.

Sam- Where were you when we called you earlier?

Carly- Yeah because I heard someone downstairs making noises. And Spencer was at Socko's house to get his costume. And me and Sam and Freddie were up here.

Gibby- OHH YEAH! I was taking a bath.

Freddie- You were in the HOUSE ?!! Why didn't you say that before when I was on the phone with you?!

Gibby- HEY! Cool it Benson.

Spencer- I'll go get the bleach cleaner and the germ disinfectant spray.

Carly- Don't forget to scrub the toilet too.

Spencer- I won't.

Carly- Kay.

Okay guys , this was part 2. Tune in for more next week , and tell me how you like it down below !

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