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Seddie Fanfic iToe Fat Cakes

Okay guys , its Seddiemonster of course. This is a fanfic. And I'm new here of course. So uhh , yeah enjoy ! I promised this to you guys a while back. So now that I finally made it , I hope you guys will love it. There will be a part 2 and 3.

Carly- Okay guys , lets start the show.

Sam- Alright , lemme just finish this fatshake.

Carly- Of course. -____-

Freddie- The show starts in 5 , 4 , 3 --

Carly- WAIT! Where's Gibby ?

Sam- Oh who cares ? Just forget about him and hurry this show up.

Carly- But I - I .... hold on a sec.

Sam- Whatevs.

Carly walks over to Freddie.....

Freddie- What's wrong ?!

Carly- Where's Gibby ?

Freddie- Uhhh , OHH! Uhmmm , lemme call him and you just distract Sam until I get back.

Carly- Fine... oh and I just wanted to tell you, what your doing for Sam is really sweet. I knew you still cared.

Freddie- Yeah , well. I knew how much she loved those sugary diabetic coma snacks, so...

Carly- Yeahh.... Sam does love those things.

Freddie- Well yeah , I'm gonna call but you just distract her.

Carly- Kay.

Freddie goes downstairs.......

Freddie- C'mon Gibby , pick up the dang phone!!

Gibby on the other line


Freddie- GIBBY! Where are you ?!

Gibby- None of your beescheese Benson!

Freddie- Beescheese ?!

Gibby- Yeah.

Freddie- Look , Gibby you need to come here right now.

Gibby- Why?

Freddie- Because of the tickets I gave you ?

Gibby- What tickets?

Freddie- GIBBY!


Freddie- Dude the tickets I gave you for Sam. The Fatcake Factory tickets ?

Gibby- Ohh yeah. Yeah I have em'. Why do you ask?

Freddie- Because I need them for the game show on iCarly !!!!

Gibby- Okay , no need to shout Mister.

Freddie- Look , just come down here right now !!

Gibby- Fine , but it'll take a while.

Freddie- Why ?!

Gibby- I'm in the tub. And my cat is watching me scrub a dubb dub.

Freddie- *hangs up the phone*

Gibby- Hello ?! HELLO?! ughh. How RUDE! Isn't that right Mr. Tom ?!


Okay , this was the first part of the fanfic. Tune in next week for more (:

Leave comments below. I hoped you enjoyed !

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