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iGo to Prom - Part 3

Hey people of iCarly. This is SeddieMonster again with this wonderful fanfic, iGo to Prom Part 3. I already made Part 4 yesterday.. but I'm not gonna put it up until next week. So, I hope you enjoy this one. Trust me, you'll really fine this interesting (: <33

Carly's P.O.V-

Freddie seems like he's moved on, huh? I'm so happy for him. Jessie sounds like a country chick though. "Jessie goin' fishin' today!" Hahaa. Well anyway, I hope I can convince her to go to he prom with Freddie. But, when I was talking to him yesterday, it seemed like he wanted to tell me something. Ehh, oh well.....

At Shay's Apartment..............

Carly: Spencer, can you get some ham?!

Spencer: *gets out his room* Why do you need ham?

Carly: I don't need it, Sam does.

Sam: Hey. *waves at Spencer*

Carly: Please? Here's $10.

Spencer: Uhh... okay?

Carly: Thanks.

Spencer: Whatever. *leaves the apartment*

Sam: So uh... you're really gonna let him buy ham.. for me?

Carly: Nahh, I just wanted an excuse for him to leave.

Sam: Why?

Carly: Because, I have something for you. C'mon. *walks upstairs*

Sam: Okay. *walks upstairs*

Carly: Alright, I have three beautiful dresses on my bed.

Sam: I see them. Wait, I thought you already had a dress.

Carly: I do. But these aren't for me. *smiles*

Sam: Oh no.

Carly: Just please try them on. They're all your sizes.

Sam: I said I didn't wanna go to this prom!

Carly: Well you're going with me.

Sam: Why?!!

Carly: Because I don't have a date, and I don't wanna be all lonely.

Sam: Trust me... you probably won't.

Carly: Right, because you're going with me. Now try on these dresses.

Sam: But ---

Carly: Now!!

Sam: Fine!!

Carly: Yay! Now go into the bathroom to try...... this one.

Sam: Kay.


At Gibby's house........

Gibby: Freddie!! Get out here! I wanna see the tux!

Freddie: *walks out* I don't think this looks right. It doesn't fit.

Gibby: Whoaaa.

Guppy: Wow!!

Freddie: What? Does it look ---

Gibby: Amazing!

Freddie: Really?

Gibby: Uhh yeah! Go look in the mirror.... Stud!

Gibby's mom: *walks in the room* Wow! Looking good Freddie. *winks at him and walks out*

Freddie: Yeah, I'm definitely gonna keep this. *smiles*

Guppy: Yay!!

Gibby: Jessie's gonna love this.

Freddie: Yeah, I hope so.


Carly: Come out here Sam!!

Sam: This looks weird on me!

Carly: Lemme see!

Sam: *walks into her room*

Carly: Oh.... my.... God. That dress is..

Sam: What? Does this make my butt look big? Awww chiz, I knew I shouldn't of ate that---

Carly: No! You look gorgeous Sam.

Sam: Really? You think so..?

Carly: Check it for yourself.

Sam: *walks over to the computer screen* Wow. I do look good.

Carly: I am speechless. Pshh, how did we not get dates? We look hot!

Sam: Yeah, I know. *disappointed tone*

Carly: Well Freddie's got a date. At least one of us have one right?

Sam: *turns around* Who?

Carly: Some chick, Jessie. I talked to her for him, you know... helped him out. *fixing up her couch*

Sam: Oh..

Carly: What's wrong?

Sam: Nothing, I just uhh... nothing.

Well that was it for now. Tune in next week for Part 4! Love you all <33

-Don't forget to comment below, and tell me what you guys think. Kay?? Byeeee :D

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