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Hey guys! Its Seddiemonster again. No, its not a seddie fanfic, lol. I'm actually doing a speculation for iPear Store. But I wouldn't have done this if it weren't for SeddieIceCream. This was really her idea to do this. :D

Carly: Man, I'm really hungry.

Sam: Yeah me too.

Carly: Ooh I know, maybe you and I can make some guacamole.

Sam: Nah.... don't feel like it.

Carly: But-----

Sam: Hurry up, go on. My tummy is gonna eat my organs if I don't have anything.

Carly: Ughh, fine.

Spencer: *runs out his room with a helmet on* Did I just hear you say guacamole??!!!

Sam: Yep, Carls is makin' me some.

Carly: Only because she's too lazy to help me out... and why are you wearing a helmet??

Sam: Oh come on! Like you don't know how to cook.

Carly: Yeah I know, but it would be nice if you helped me once in a blue moon.

Sam: I help.....sometimes. *rubs her tummy*

Spencer: Hahaa, since when? Besides doing the show with her.

Sam: Uhh... the time I saved your life when that taco truck almost hit into you.

Carly: That was Freddie!! Besides, while he was laying on the ground hurt, you decided to get a taco... FROM THE SAME TRUCK!

Sam: Well, I was hungry.

Spencer: Wow, you really are insensitive aren't you?

Carly: Maybe you should... you know.. apply for a job or something.

Sam & Spencer: *burst into laughter*

Spencer: Ohh, uhmm she's not kidding.

Sam: A job? Where? *chuckles*

Carly: I'm serious Sam! You need to get a job. You're too lazy for your own good.

Sam: Man, now you sound like my mom. Only she usually hits me over the head with a turkey leg when she says that.

Spencer: Oh yeah, how did her "surgery" go?

Sam: It went good. She's still healing from the swelling though.

Spencer: Oooh, ouch. That's probably really painful. My ex-girlfriend had that done & she---

Carly: GUYS!!

Sam: What? We're listening.

Carly: You need a job. Here, pass me my laptop from over there.

Sam: Kay. *hands her the laptop*

Carly: I'll start looking for a job for you.

Sam: Ehh what kind? *looks on the computer screen*

Spencer: You know, Socko's cousin Techy works at that Pear Store in the Bushwell International Mall.

Sam: Really? Cool.... how much?

Spencer: How much, what?

Sam: How much will I get if I get the job?

Spencer: I dunno, ask him.

Carly: Sam, you should do it. Your good at techy stuff, right?

Sam: Yeah I guess, but-----

Carly: No buts!!

Sam: Kay. *sighs*

Carly: Spencer, can you get Techy to help her get the job?

Spencer: Mhmm. I'll call him right now.

Sam: Call?

Carly: You know you can text him, right?

Spencer: Yeah. But he doesn't know how to text.

Carly: But, he's good at technology. He works at a company that sells cell phones. How can he not text?

Spencer: Look, I have no idea. You know I don't know everything!

Carly: *chuckles*

Sam: Where's my guacamole Shay?!!

Carly: Oh, here. *hands her a bowl of guacamole*

Sam: Thanks. Uhh.....

Carly: What's wrong?

Sam: You put black pepper in here?

Carly: Yeah, why??

Sam: Ohh... nothing.

Carly: Kay. *turns around and goes in her room*

Sam: Blehh!! *puts the guacamole underneath the couch cushion*

Spencer: You did not just do that.

Sam: What??

Spencer: So wasteful!! You could've gave that to me!! Ughh...

Kay guys :D That was it for now. Part 2 of my speculation will be out in a couple days I guess. Hope you liked it. My imagination isn't my best right now. lol. Anyway, Comment below. And stay in tune for the new episode of iOpen a Restaraunt this weekend!!!! <3333 Byee.

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