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iStill Care (Seddie Fanfic)

Hey peoples. It's Seddiemonster. Many of you know that I had a really crazy seddie-dream a couple weeks ago right? So , I decided to make a fanfic out of it. But it's a little different than the dream I had. Anyway, I hope you love it. At first, I wrote it on paper, now I'm gonna type it out for you guys. There's MANY chapters to this. lol. Sorry, I spent like half of my day writing this so... yeah. Here it goes (:

Sam's P.O.V-

I've been thinking a lot about him lately. Even though I try to pretend I hate him. it doesn't work. Carly always asks me why I keep pretending. She claims she "knows" that I still care. I just don't know anymore. I still love him but I don't want him to find out.

Carly: Hey Sam. I need to talk to you.

Sam: What's wrong kid?

Carly:Freddie's acting really weird.

Sam:Uh okay, and?

Carly: Sam! C'mon, stop. I'm serious.

Sam: When has Freddie ever "not" act weird?

Carly: Sam, I think something's wrong with him.

Sam: Whatever. *sighs* I'll see what's going on.

Carly: Thanks. Oh here he comes!!

Freddie: Hey.

Both Carly & Sam: Hey Freddie.

Carly: So uh.... you okay?

Freddie: Yeah , why wouldn't I be? *starts humming*

Sam: Uhmmmm...

Freddie: What?

Sam: Nothing, you just seem a little uh..

Carly: Happy.

Freddie: Well yeah.

Sam: BUT WHY?!!

Freddie: Why do you need to know why? You'll probably just laugh.

Carly: Freddie , just tell us.

Sam: Yeah. *chuckles*

Freddie: Okay, but Sam has to leave first.

Sam: But why? What the heck?

Carly: GO SAM!!

Sam: MEHHH!! *leaves studio*

Carly: Okay Freddie , tell me.

Freddie: Okay fine. I was on that dating website a couple weeks ago. And I found this girl, Christina.

Carly: WAIT! WHAT?!! You have a girlfriend?

Freddie: Yep. Oh man, she is so sweet, pretty, and she's a technical producer too.

Carly: Freddie! What's wrong with you?

Freddie: What do you mean?

Carly: What about Sam, huh? Don't you feel bad that it might hurt her feelings?

Freddie: Really? Sam hates me.

Carly: No she doesn't.

Freddie: How do you know? Everytime I talk to her, she either ignores me or she says "Uh huh, yeah, whatever".

Carly: I know but, she'll be devistated once she finds out.

Freddie: Well maybe if she cared about me, I wouldn't have to....

Sam: *barges in* So you guys done already? I wanna go to the Groovy Smoothie.

Freddie: Uh yeah. Let's go.

Carly: Okay. *guilty voice*

Sam: What's wrong?

Carly: Nothing! Nothing! Do I look like I have something wrong with me?

Sam: No, but...

Carly: I'M FINE!!

Sam: Okay, whatever you say.

Freddie's P.O.V-

Ughh... Carly's making it way too obvious. If she keeps this up, Sam will definitely become suspicious. Maybe Carly's right. Maybe I should just forget about Christina. I might break Sam's heart. Wait, what am I saying? She couldn't care less about me. Ever since we broke up, Sam's been acting the same as before we went out. Maybe me & Christina could continue this relationship.

Freddie: Hey T-Bo.

T-Bo: Hey Freddie. Someone's looking for you.

Freddie: Who?

Carly: Oh no!

Christina: Freddie, over here!

Carly: Oh God.

Sam: What's wrong?

Freddie: Uh, Christina?

Sam: Hehh? Who's she?!

Freddie: Ah chiz.

Okay guys. That was chapter 1 of the fanfic. Tune in next week to read more. Trust me... things are gonna get heated. Bye for now. Thanks for reading (:


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