aka bre

  • I live in ohio
  • My occupation is part time icarly watcher full time sddie lover
  • I am female
  • Seddieseddie24

    the games

    October 22, 2011 by Seddieseddie24

    ok so i decided to do a games thing. this is called morment, there is 7 parts. first sign up well actually ill tell you about it: in this game there is 7 parts, part 1 is registration which is what you are about to do, ill pick half of you. part 2 is competition one/four. there will be 6 simple questions and then the first half to answer wins. the others will be gone then in part 3 its competiton 2/4. there will be 10 question, first 5 to answer wins. the next is part 4 or competition 3/4. this competition you get asked 16 questions. first 4 to answer wins. then part 5 is competition 5/5. you get a questionare soi can learn more abou you. no one looses. then part 6 is the writing competiton, write an icarly fanfic and ill pick 2 of you. th…

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  • Seddieseddie24

    ok so i am bored right now. so i decided to make a blog.. this is part. 1. you will take a 30 question quiz. i will choose 20 of you to be in part 2. then ill let you know. those 20 people will then participate in part 2, what you do in part 2 is 3 things: answer 10 more questions, write 5 things that people don`t know about you(on this wiki),explain why you want the prizes. i then choose 10 of them. in part 3 you write a fanfic about icarly,big tme rush or degrassi. i choose 5 them. then in part 4: you answer 7 question and in part 5 i pick 1 winner. OH and the prizes you choose,theres 4:

    1: i`ll write a story about you or about anything you want 2. i`ll read and review your stuff whenever, 3. i`ll be a great friend with you and we can tal…

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  • Seddieseddie24

    i think that gibby wants to get sam and freddie broken up so he tell mrs.benson. they pressure carly into helping them! they succeed and seddie breaks up. cary feels horrinls so she tries and get them together. she tricks them into goi somewhere ( like icarly or groovie smoothie) together. they get into a fight and ebd up saying i love you. the episode ends. so what do you think will happen? please comment below!

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