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a questionare for tv shows

ok so i am bored right now. so i decided to make a blog.. this is part. 1. you will take a 30 question quiz. i will choose 20 of you to be in part 2. then ill let you know. those 20 people will then participate in part 2, what you do in part 2 is 3 things: answer 10 more questions, write 5 things that people don`t know about you(on this wiki),explain why you want the prizes. i then choose 10 of them. in part 3 you write a fanfic about icarly,big tme rush or degrassi. i choose 5 them. then in part 4: you answer 7 question and in part 5 i pick 1 winner. OH and the prizes you choose,theres 4:

1: i`ll write a story about you or about anything you want 2. i`ll read and review your stuff whenever, 3. i`ll be a great friend with you and we can talk whenever or 4. you come up with a prize that i can do. heres part 1:

1. what prize will you pick? 2-5: what are 5 things about you 6-12: what are your top 6 favorite tv shows 13-20: descibe yourself in 6 words 21: what is your favorite school subject? 22. how old are you? 23. what is your favorite color 24-30: tell ne 6 things about you that you want to tell meor other facts about you!

pretty easy,write!? well part 2 will be up after 40 different people comment,bye!

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