ok so i decided to do a games thing. this is called morment, there is 7 parts. first sign up well actually ill tell you about it: in this game there is 7 parts, part 1 is registration which is what you are about to do, ill pick half of you. part 2 is competition one/four. there will be 6 simple questions and then the first half to answer wins. the others will be gone then in part 3 its competiton 2/4. there will be 10 question, first 5 to answer wins. the next is part 4 or competition 3/4. this competition you get asked 16 questions. first 4 to answer wins. then part 5 is competition 5/5. you get a questionare soi can learn more abou you. no one looses. then part 6 is the writing competiton, write an icarly fanfic and ill pick 2 of you. then the final part is part 7. you do nothing, i take the previous knowledge and pick a winner! the winner gets a prize, the tell me whatever prize they want and ill do it if its ok and safe! so here is part 1,registration:

1. pick a codename

2. pick a place to live, make it a state. just not your state

3. pick a couple pairing from your favorite tv show

4.tell me the prize you want

5.tell me your favorite food

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