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  • Gumyyyyyyyyyyyy

    What's your presents?

    December 25, 2011 by Gumyyyyyyyyyyyy

    First thing I want to say on this blog:


    And now, for the topic - what's your present?

    Here, I want you to share, what did you get for Christmas? And of course, not only get, but give too! Because it's better to give then to get, ain't that right? (*COUGH*) I hope you all got tons of presents. Because presents are cool, right?

    And here's what I got:

    1. Eye-makeup remover. THANK YOU GOD I NEEDED THAT SO MUCH.
    2. New earphones. That's another life-death thing I needed. \
    4. A capo. I squeaked so much when I got it. *squeak* And no one knows what it is. Oh well!
    5. Nail... thingie... I don't know how it's called! It's to keep your nails pretty.
    6. Body lotion, soap, bathroom things like that... Roses, mmm.
    7. Annnd…
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  • Gumyyyyyyyyyyyy

    Howdy little person, me here.

    Yes yes, you guessed from the name, I had this idea from SFG... But it's not exatly the same. At first, I wanted to do a shoutout blog too, or something like she did, but then I decided... Hey, why not make it for all of us? I'm sure it will be much easier! Just to be clear, you don't have to say your opinion to everyone - you have a freedom to choose.

    I bet you don't get what I mean. It just goes like this - you write a comment, write anything in it, and then whoever wants to tell you what they think of you, can just answer to your comment saying it! Ugh, I'm not good at explanations, you probably still don't get it, so I'll just write an example:

    SantaClausFromLaplandia:Ho ho ho, I wanna know, what you think abo…

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  • Gumyyyyyyyyyyyy

    My Autobiography :)

    November 14, 2011 by Gumyyyyyyyyyyyy

    SCORE! First blog xD. So, apparently this idea came from NerdyNoName, and if you wanna make a blog like that too go to Um, here goes?

    Name - Ugnė. Humph, I don´t know how to explain the pronouncing... Yeah.

    Age - 13

    Birthday - March 24th. DAY AFTER HUNGER GAMES PREMIERE WHOOOO- Sorry.

    Eye Color - Blue... Just simple blue.

    Hair Color - Peroxide Blonde. As in VERY LIGHT BLONDE.

    State - Lithuania.

    Grade - 8th

    Favorite colors - depends on my mood. Right now it´s grass green.

    Favorite Food - Pizza, rice soup, PIE, CHOCOLATE (obsession)

    Sports - Swimming, Gymnastics (though I'm not flexible), Basketball.

    Extracurical Activities - WHAT IS THAT? *goes to translate* Ohh. None this year, but I p…

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