SCORE! First blog xD. So, apparently this idea came from NerdyNoName, and if you wanna make a blog like that too go to Um, here goes?

Name - Ugnė. Humph, I don´t know how to explain the pronouncing... Yeah.

Age - 13


Eye Color - Blue... Just simple blue.

Hair Color - Peroxide Blonde. As in VERY LIGHT BLONDE.

State - Lithuania.

Grade - 8th

Favorite colors - depends on my mood. Right now it´s grass green.

Favorite Food - Pizza, rice soup, PIE, CHOCOLATE (obsession)

Sports - Swimming, Gymnastics (though I'm not flexible), Basketball.

Extracurical Activities - WHAT IS THAT? *goes to translate* Ohh. None this year, but I play guitar on my own.

Favorite School Subject - Arts, Music, Sport, Languages (except German, EW)

Least Favorite School Subject - Maths, History (because most of the time is boring :/).

Grades - depends on the lesson xD. But they're pretty good I guess, my average is 8,59 (The highest possible is 10)

Music - ALL, I like pop, ROCK, country (yeaah), but ALL.

One Interesting Fact - I dunno, that I'm weird and hyperactive? xD

Another Interesting Fact - Also Friends Say I'm really mature. Uh huh.

Most embarrasing moment - I don't know... When I got that horrible haircut that was really ugly and I had to go to school, or when I had to do doll theatre in my class ALONE. Don't ask xD.

Favorite TV Show - iCarly, Victorious, HIMYM, Doctor House (MAJOR FAN), Women Lie Better (LITHUANIAN SHOW xD), MLP, Wipeout, Mythbusters.

Favorite Movie - Thirteen, Spirit: Stallion of the Cimmaron (MAJOR MAJOR MAJOR MAJOR FAN), Brother Bear, The Hunger Games (THE TRAILER AMAZING, MOVIE WILL BE MORE), Harry Potter (except the 6th part)

Personality - I'm kinda mean, but I'm REALLY honest, and honesty always is mean xD. Also I'm really kind and though I wish to be selfish, I always help others, no matter what I think about them, but I'm an intravert and I don't like being open about my life unless I trust someone, I'm really shy unless I get to know a person too. Also, I'm a very revenge-y person.

School Life - Not a nerd, but not a failure either, kinda hate my class, because there are NO good people I could consider as friends there, but the teachers like me and I'm a pretty quiet student ;).

Things I Hate - When someone interrupts me when I'm talking, when there's nothing yummy to eat, doing homework, gossiping about stupid stuff, when mom embarrases me in public, when someone whines.

Things I Like - Mai Friends, TV, computer, chatting, reading, writing, HUNGER GAMES AND HARRY POTTER, and wiki's :).

Favorite Youtubers - Tobuscus, iJustine, KidsReact, ShaneDawson.

My favourite people on this Wikia - I don't know, A LOOOOOT! xD

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