First thing I want to say on this blog:


And now, for the topic - what's your present?

Here, I want you to share, what did you get for Christmas? And of course, not only get, but give too! Because it's better to give then to get, ain't that right? (*COUGH*) I hope you all got tons of presents. Because presents are cool, right?

And here's what I got:

  1. Eye-makeup remover. THANK YOU GOD I NEEDED THAT SO MUCH.
  2. New earphones. That's another life-death thing I needed. \
  4. A capo. I squeaked so much when I got it. *squeak* And no one knows what it is. Oh well!
  5. Nail... thingie... I don't know how it's called! It's to keep your nails pretty.
  6. Body lotion, soap, bathroom things like that... Roses, mmm.
  7. Annnd - 100 money! 100Lt. Lithuanian money. Convert if you wanna.

I didn't give anything... Yet. Surprise presents are better x3

So come on, go share with us! :D

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