Howdy little <insert name here> person, me here.

Yes yes, you guessed from the name, I had this idea from SFG... But it's not exatly the same. At first, I wanted to do a shoutout blog too, or something like she did, but then I decided... Hey, why not make it for all of us? I'm sure it will be much easier! Just to be clear, you don't have to say your opinion to everyone - you have a freedom to choose.

I bet you don't get what I mean. It just goes like this - you write a comment, write anything in it, and then whoever wants to tell you what they think of you, can just answer to your comment saying it! Ugh, I'm not good at explanations, you probably still don't get it, so I'll just write an example:

SantaClausFromLaplandia:Ho ho ho, I wanna know, what you think about me yo!

Elf: I think that you are too fat and you should go on a diet, but I also think that you're very nice and bla bla bla.

NiceKid: I like you because you're awesome, and friendly, and you love everyone. Seriously, you can make friends with everyone!

NaughtyKid: <insert opinion about Santa Claus here>

Now I guess it's clear... Kinda. Just NOTE: if your opinion is offending or hurtful (though sarcasm always is welcome *cough*) please don't say it. It will be much better, if you tell things like that to a person privately - or don't say anything at all.

I'm not sure if this idea will work, but come on, show your love to friends down there in the comments ^.^

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