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    ... and she doesn't even know it. Yet.

    Oh my gosh, I am so, so, so excited right now, I can barely keep my hands from shaking. For the past couple of weeks, I have had to pretend that nothing was out of the ordinary, and it has been sheer agony. Especially today.

    But I think it's safe for me to talk about it now ... At least, I hope so, because I have been on the phone and online, telling anybody who will listen ... because I'm fairly sure that my sister isn't going to be seeing anything online for the rest of this evening.

    My sister, Lindsay (better known as Lady Magique on this Wiki) went out a short while ago with her boyfriend (of approaching three years now, they've been together), Sean. He's taking her out for a show, followed by dinner, to c…

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  • Serene Girl

    I don't recall seeing this question brought up lately, so my brother (Phenglei Kai) and I thought it might make for a nice, light little off-topic blog.

    Why did you choose your particular avatar?

    In my case, it's pretty simple :

    I like butterflies. :)

    When I was little, I was one of those kids who would spend afternoons and evenings in a local park, trying to catch butterflies in jars.

    Right now, I am looking at a lovely stained glass picture (a pattern of butterflies and flowers) hanging from my window. It was a birthday gift from ... somebody special.

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  • Serene Girl

    Just recently, I was watching a Sam/Freddie fan video that got me to reflect on something that I've been thinking about for a while. Going all the way back to the beginning of their relationship ...

    In iPilot, we were introduced to a character who was rather deeply locked in an emotional shell, the result of a long, dysfunctional childhood. This young person could have spent years, perhaps an entire adolescence, tucked away in that protective cocoon, to become an adult with deep emotional issues and a lot of difficulty dealing with people in the real world ...

    ... if it wasn't for the fact that he found somebody to break him out of his shell.

    (I bet you thought I was talking about Sam, didn't you? ;) )

    Freddie spent his entire childhood being c…

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  • Serene Girl

    3. Just a brief reflection :

    A short while back, I saw the first chapter of a new story posted on FanFiction.Net, with a very unusual premise.

    In this fanfic, Freddie was being beaten and physically abused by his mother, something that he had kept a closely guarded secret from his friends. Despite his best efforts, however, Sam found out what was happening to him.

    I was intrigued by this story, and quite curious to see where the author was planning to go with it. Unfortunately, shortly after the first chapter was posted, this story disappeared from the website.

    I don't know why, but I've always wondered if if had something to do with this one review that was posted on the first chapter. I won't remember its exact words, but it said something l…

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  • Serene Girl

    Just recently, I was looking through a few long files of notes and reviews I had made regarding various Harry Potter and iCarly fan fiction stories that I'd read over the past few years. These included a few stories that, for various reasons, no longer exist on the Internet (or, in some cases, never existed).

    I just wanted to share a few random memories I have of these stories, which, unfortunately, aren't likely to ever see the light of day again ...

    1. iHave Had Enough

    There are probably no more than a dozen people who ever saw this story, which was posted on a small blog near the beginning of iCarly's third season (around the time of iThink They Kissed).

    The blog no longer exists, and for some reason (that I've never really understood), the author …

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