• Sg66

    The Sequel

    June 18, 2011 by Sg66

    Dan typically tends to write the episodes that are major and popular and usually have the most views!

    If Dan was to WRITE a sequel, he would most likely continue on a story he has written himself.

    The episodes that Dan has written are iPilot, iDream of Dance, iLike Jake, iWant a World Record, iRue the Day, iHate Sam's Boyfriend, iFence, iChristmas, iKiss, iMeet Fred, iLook Alike, iDate a Bad Boy, iFight Shelby Marx, iCook, iQuit iCarly, iBloop, iBelieve in Bigfoot, iPsycho, iGot a Hot Room, iStart a Fanwar, iOMG, iParty with Victorious, and (apparently) iLost my Mind.

    The sequel would most unlikely be a continuation of a show from season 1 because that is plot line that has most likely been forgotten over the years.

    So that leaves us these epiā€¦

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  • Sg66

    Hey Everyone of the Wiki World!!

    Just felt like knowing why a Seddier ships Seddie or a Creddier ships Creddie the same goes for any other ship.

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