icarly wiki. The source of information for all icarly fans, from Spustacia fans, to Creddie fans, and even maybe Cevel fans. The wiki itself is crumbling... Before icarly will stop running, this wiki WILL most likely be long gone. Why you may ask? It's because of the weakness of everyone to report someone that seems suspicious. Everyone here has gone blind because they don't know wrong when they first see it. Creddie and Seddie fans are tearing themselves apart. Pedophiles are wreaking havoc on young people. So are trolls. Wikia contributors are probably just wrecking all the pages right now! We need to set apart our differences and stop this madness before this wiki will bend under it's own weight. As Abraham Lincoln once said, "A house divided amongst itself cannot stand!" True. I am a Seddie fan, and I really do not support the Carly/Freddie relationship anymore. I still think that we are really good friends, and you probably think that "Oh that person likes Creddie, he's stupid." Well maybe that person behind that computer screen that likes Creddie may even be your long lost brother, or a person that possesses the exact same qualities you do. So STOP judging people. Save the wiki. Unite as friends around a round table, sharing dinner, enjoying somethin good. Not enemies ripping each other's necks off. And hopefully we can save the wiki. No wait not hopefully. Not can either. And we WILL save the wiki. If You see something suspicious, say something to an admin.

Thanks for reading,


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