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    Lately, I've seen that a lot of people have been trashing Victorious. Okay, I agree Victorious isn't as good as iCarly but it's still good!

    Now this blog is for the people who actually *LIKE* it. I know there have been a lot of blogs about this fact but I'm just asking for the ones who like it if they like it better than iCarly? Who is their favorite character? What is their favorite episode? Pairing?

    For the people who don't like Victorious I'm just telling you that after iCarly ends, there has to be one Dan show you like. Cos if no one watches his shows, he won't make any new ones and that would be too bad for our precious Dan.

    I'll go first:

    I prefer iCarly to Victorious but I still LOVE Victorious.

    Favorite character: Cat.

    Favorite episode: …

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