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    My iCarly Fanfiction

    October 26, 2011 by ShooshYeah!

    Here are a few iCarly fanfiction stories I've written. They're all posted on but I thought, I might as well, post them here too. After all, this is an iCarly website. All of them are Seddie, although, I've been meaning to dabble in some Creddie as well. Hope you enjoy.

    • Canary Wallpaper - Summary: Relationships are hard. Communication is difficult. Freddie knows all these things, but all Sam wants to talk about is the decorum, and that damn canary wallpaper. One-Shot. Seddie, all the way. T for mild language. (complete)
    • A Matter Of Time - Summary: Past, present and future moments surrounding Sam and Freddie's relationship. When two people have chemistry, only one other ingredient is needed... Timing. Fifty noncontinuous one-sho…

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  • ShooshYeah!

    The following is an excerpt from Dan Schneider's 'iLost My Mind Fun Facts' blog posted August 13th, 2011. You can read the entire blog HERE.

    "Now, before I go on, as I've said before: I usually don't talk about "seddie" and "creddie". But I do feel I should say this TO ALL FANS OF iCARLY: Please be nice to each other. That's really important to me, the cast, and everyone who works on the show.

    Seeing our fans fight online really breaks our hearts. Disagreeing and debating is cool, but there's no need to be mean. Remember, we're all on team iCarly, so please, let's all respect each others' feelings. Deal? :)"

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    The answers will be relagated to main/re-occuring characters. Pretty straight forward. I'll post the answers in a couple days. Extra points if you can name the episode too.

    1. "Who's a pretty pie?!"

    2. "I love rap. Rap's my favorite. Rap is tight, yo!"

    3. "Well, get outta here before I roon your face!"

    4. "What is that item?"

    5. "Is that a birthmark on your butt?"

    6. "What did the goat do?"

    7. "You know, I feel scared and attracted to you at the same time."

    8. "It's not mine, I'm just holding it for a friend."

    9. "Then you better throw that cupcake hard and hope it's sticky."

    10. "Say bye-bye to your fudge!"

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    So, one random day I was thinking about real actors/actresses that could play older versions of the cast. You know, like if there was a 'future' episode/movie of iCarly. Just for kicks here's what I have so far. Feel free to throw in some suggestions. UPDATED!!

    Miranda Cosgrove - Kristin Kreuk

    Jennette McCurdy - Michelle Williams

    Nathan Kress - Shane West

    Noah Munck - Jason Segel

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