Here are a few iCarly fanfiction stories I've written. They're all posted on but I thought, I might as well, post them here too. After all, this is an iCarly website. All of them are Seddie, although, I've been meaning to dabble in some Creddie as well. Hope you enjoy.

  • Canary Wallpaper - Summary: Relationships are hard. Communication is difficult. Freddie knows all these things, but all Sam wants to talk about is the decorum, and that damn canary wallpaper. One-Shot. Seddie, all the way. T for mild language. (complete)
  • A Matter Of Time - Summary: Past, present and future moments surrounding Sam and Freddie's relationship. When two people have chemistry, only one other ingredient is needed... Timing. Fifty noncontinuous one-shots, various genres, suggestions welcome, all Seddie. (in progress)
  • Bensons Don't Fight, Pucketts Always Lose - Summary: A small window into Sam and Freddie's thoughts. There's a thousand different reasons not to take the leap, not to give love a chance. There is, however, one reason to try, and maybe that reason is found within each other. Seddie. One-shot. iOMG stuff. (complete)
  • Save the 'tales, Carls - Summary: Post 'iStart A Fan War.' In the aftermath of Webicon, Carly and Sam reflect on homework, drama and relationships. Something's bothering Sam too, and it's making her hesitant to answer Freddie's texts. What's the deal, Puckett? One-shot. Eluding to Seddie. (complete)
  • iDuel - Summary: What could be better than an all-out Sam and Freddie fencing duel? Perhaps what ensues afterward? The awesomeness that is Sam/Freddie. One-shot. (complete)
  • iRemember - Summary: It's Carly's wedding, but for two long time friends, they realize change is hard to accept, especially if the past feels more comfortable than the present. And its only together do they remember how to be happy again. One-shot, subtle Seddie. (complete)

Feel free to suggest any fanfiction you've liked. I'm fairly new to the fandom, but I've enjoyed the few writers I have read.

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