• Shunaid7

    OK, so as I mentioned in the title, I am new. I need some help from all of you users to get me along with this wiki. Please, I say. My English might not be that good, as I am from a different country, haha.

    So here is the list I made.

    1.) How to put up a profile picture? Dumb Question, haha. But, you don't know how it feels like being new.

    2.) How to edit any page like maybe an episode or TV Movie?

    3.) How to message a user/add a user?

    4.) How to report a bug/user?

    5.) How to make your profile...well...*PUMP up*... it is my dream for @Cartoonprincess and @Lotstar to comment because their profiles are really well done.

    6.) How to write in bold in comments?

    7.) How to insert a picture, frameart in comments?

    8.) Is there a limitation to commenting?

    9.) How…

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