• SierraFanGirl

    I start my senoir year of high school tomorrow

    So tell me, when does your new school year start for you, and what grade will you be?

    Share with us! :D

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  • SierraFanGirl

    Another idea I had..... I might upload this on DA...

    This is another crossover I have for TDWT, Dont know what TDWT is? Google it.

    I threw in Suite Life, cause I ran out of people to use....

    Song: Before We Die (Total Drama World Tour)

    Singers: Carly, Sam, Freddie, Spencer, Tori, Andre, Beck, Jade, Cat,, Robbie, Rex, Trina, Cody, Zack, London, Bailey (Suite Life)

    Link to song:

    Tori: We're singing as were falling!

    Andre: While Sam is cannonballing!

    Sam: [cannonballing] YEAH!

    Freddie: Our lives begin to flash before our eyes!

    Spencer/Gibby: We might just go kabloey!

    Beck/Robbie: Go smush and become chewey!

    All: Cept there's tons we wanna do 'Before we die!

    Trina: Billionaress!

    Spencer: Billiards Champion!

    Cody: Make it home to see my mam…

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  • SierraFanGirl

    Since someone already made a list of Movies/Shows people hate and sone some people are complaining, I decided to make a list of what the users like! Please no hate!!!!!

    Here's my list:

    1.Total Drama

    2. iCarly

    3. Robot Chicken

    4. Titan Maximum

    6. Pokemon

    5. NDSSG

    6. Drake and Josh

    7. Malcom in the Middle

    8. 1000 ways to die

    9. Tosh.0

    10. Futurama

    11. Family Guy

    12. Suite Life

    13. Invader Zim

    14. Drawn Together

    15. Victorious

    16. MLP FiM (Shut up)

    17. The Simpsons

    18. Billy and Mandy

    19. Ripley's Believe it or Not

    20. E! Top 30 Celebrity Feuds

    21. Celebrity Deathmatch

    22. OHSHC

    23. AzuManga Daioh

    24. Nerima Daikon Brothers

    25. Bernie Mac Show

    26. School Rumble

    27. Amanda Show

    28. Figure it Out

    29. All That

    30. Rotten Tomatoes

    31. Web Soup

    32. Glenn Martin DDS


    1. Vampir…

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  • SierraFanGirl

    So we all know about Harold Camping and his prediction about the world ending last Saturday (May 21, 6:00 PM) and that it was a total fluke, now get this, I read that he said the actual date is during October (I forgot the day, 12th was it?) saying that he is actully correct about and that it was another mathatical error (Or am I thinking about the 1994 prediction?)

    Matthew 24:36 "No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father

    If you ask me, he should read this verse, I say he just wants attention for his radio show or whatever it is he has. I wasnt beleiving a single thing he said. (I mispelled believing, didn't I?)

    They said the world would end in 2000 (Y2K) nothing happened, they said it…

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  • SierraFanGirl

    Like the first one, Tell me your username, and I will rate it 1 -12

    Please no:

    -Rude Comments

    -No Fighting Please comment below

    Thank You!

    I'm doing this either at home or during accounting class, So I will try to get back to you!

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