Okay, I know I have spread the word about iConfess My Love, and others proving it was fake, so how I have this: why not I write my own little fanfic for "iConfess My Love"? It could be pretty good. Although I never wrote a love story before, But I made a Pokemon crossover with another show, and Imcurrently writing two different stories on DA, So I think if I could do those and write a kids story in eight grade english with a teacher whose a real life Miss Briggs, I could do this. And I already choose a couple, but who is it?



AleHeather? (Wait, wrong show.....)

So who is it? Well, If it happens, you'll have to wait and see! But I wanna know... should I? I never wrote a romance story before.....Song choices:

1. You Belong With Me (Taylor Swift)

2. Evangeline (Princess and the frog)

3. Beautiful Soul (Jesse McCarthny)

4. Everyday (HSM 2)

5. Love Train (Alpha and Omega)

So Should I? Or not!?

If I pick Creddie or Seddie, I have to also pick a song from above (maybe not "Love Train" from Alpha and Omega, since its just howling....)

Heart, SierraFanGirl Nerima Daikon Brothers are us! You woulnt forget the Name!! 04:06, January 25, 2011 (UTC)

Here's a plot I have so far, A big dance is coming up at the iCarly gangs high school, and Carly and Sam both have their heart set out on asking a pair of twin boys Andrew and Connor. But Freddie....

Meanwhile Spencer gets into a cosplay contest to impress a girl whose all about cosplay. So he winds up at a cosplay fest for the girl's favorite thing in the world: The video game "Ultra Bash Masters" (a parody of Super Smash Brothers)

This is what I have!!!! Will Sam go with Andrew and Carly with Connor? Whats up with Freddie? Can Spencer handle UBM? And where are my fluffy Pikachu Pajama pants!?!
Heart, SierraFanGirl Nerima Daikon Brothers are us! You woulnt forget the Name!! 00:18, January 26, 2011 (UTC)

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