Simply tell me your username, and I will rate it ( 1 to 12 ) Really Good = 12

I will not insult, put anyone down or be a bully, I will be nice! I PROMISE!!! Girl Scouts Honor! (well ex-girl scout, I was a Junior GS for about three years.....)

I will try to get back to you, I am WAY too busy on another Wikia and I am mostly occupied on DA, So, check back to see if I rated yours! PLUS! I also sneak on this when Im on Accounting or Computer Essensials!

(Please, no one else but me rates usernames, plase just me, if you rate someone's username and I find out.... your gonna have a real live SAM!!!! It will Be BAD!!!

Naw, I'll be good. OR WILL I!?!?! No, Im really nice. WHAT IF IM LYING!?!?!! No, no, no-no all true BUT NOT THE FIRST LINE, Alright, I'll stop! :D Please Type username here (No Siggy's please!)

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