Another idea I had..... I might upload this on DA...

This is another crossover I have for TDWT, Dont know what TDWT is? Google it.

I threw in Suite Life, cause I ran out of people to use....

Song: Before We Die (Total Drama World Tour)

Singers: Carly, Sam, Freddie, Spencer, Tori, Andre, Beck, Jade, Cat,, Robbie, Rex, Trina, Cody, Zack, London, Bailey (Suite Life)


Link to song:


Tori: We're singing as were falling!

Andre: While Sam is cannonballing!

Sam: [cannonballing] YEAH!

Freddie: Our lives begin to flash before our eyes!

Spencer/Gibby: We might just go kabloey!

Beck/Robbie: Go smush and become chewey!

All: Cept there's tons we wanna do 'Before we die!

Trina: Billionaress!

Spencer: Billiards Champion!

Cody: Make it home to see my mama!

Robbie: Have a girlfriend!

Andre: Write a hit!

Cat: Be an actress in a drama!

Freddie: Apple worker!


Zack: Be a ninja with throwing stars!

Tori: Famous singer!

Beck: Lion Tamer!

Gibby: Repairman for the parallel bars!

Tori: But first we must cease dropping!

Our goal here would be stopping!

Carly: Before we splat into the ground from the sky!

Freddie: Smash into little pieces!

Spencer: Heads merged with our feet-ess!

Jade: That would really suck and here's why!

Trina: We'd like to keep on living!

Beck: So Chris, we're hope your giving...

Carly: Some wings!

Freddie: A jetpack!

Spencer: A rift in time!

Robbie: Parachute?

Rex: Waterbed!

Tori: Springy shoes!

Beck: Rocket boots!


London: Bubble bath!

Cat: I change to bubbles too!

Cody: MAMA!

Sam: Pizza! No!

Just some ham will have to do!

All: Cause there's still so much to do before we die

Yeah we said it!

There's still so much to do

There's still so much to do,

There's still so much to do, 'Before we die!


Gibby: YEAH!


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