This is an idea I have for my DA account, but I wanna see what you guys think. This is like an experiment, plus you also have to know TDI TDA and TDWT to get this:

Spencer: I'm tall

I sculpt

I'm young

I'm handsome!

I'm coming to bring back your wee ones!

[climbs stone pillar] So hush my sweet, Condor

Let me win this one please

So try attack, me!

But I feel no pecking!

Hush now, Condor, let me in the final three!

[Condor knocks down Spencer]


[Lands on the ground] I'm hurt!

[Egg slpatters] and sticky!

Howard: Next?

Freddie: I-I-I

Oh I-I-I

I've got problems with Condors,

problems with Condors

Why-y-y oh why-y-y

Am I not at home, I wonder

[Faces Condor] Trust me!

Oh trust me-e-e! I'm your best friend

And I'll never eat eggs again!

[Condor knocks him down]

Where's my basket!? [Basket lands on stomach]

Howard: Good news, you can have another try later

but first....

[Carly climbs up stone pillar with baby condor on her head]

Carly: I'm a mom now, so dont be giving me flap!

Cause me first chick just hatched out of his yolk sack!

[Carly faces Condor, baby condor see's Sam]

So hush me sweet [Sam climbs up]

Let me in the final three! [baby condor flies down]

Court Jr., no! NOT AUNTIE SAM!

Howard: Sam?

Sam: I-I-I

[Carly falls from pillar]

How I-I-I

How I hate these little birdies

And I want to live to see my thirties!

[Reaches Condor nest]

These, these feathered nubs!

They're giving me strife!

[Mother condor flies closer]

And Court number two, I'm not your wife!

[Mother Condor flies past Sam]

For the last time


[Mother Condor flies away]

YES! Thanks my sweet Condor,

Now I'm in the final three!


This was something I had in mind, If you know TDWT, you now who had who's singin part

If not, please wait until I get the link to the song up!

Link to the song:

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