First: The Creddie Shippers

Over a while, I've noticed a decrease in Creddie Shippers and a slow rise in Seddie Shippers. It may be since there might be more hints of Seddie than Creddie in some current episodes. Either that, or (1) The Creddie shippers are leaving (2) or the Creddie shippers are now endangered on this wiki .............. WHAT!? It could happen!!! Thats kind of what I got!

Second: "iConfess My Love"

Okay, Im on another website where Im writing to fan-made stories, and I wasnt able to even START "iConfess My Love" So I decided this: I write one part of the story, then another person writes another part, then another writes the next part, and so on until the last person writes the last part! Pretty good, yes? Only I require some people to write each part. If your good with writing stories, please let me know!!!

(This Song for "iConfess My Love" You Belong With Me/Hello/Can I Have This Dance)

That is all I have!


97, 98, 99, 100! Everybody hide! Cause Pikachu's Coming! 16:39, February 27, 2011 (UTC)


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