Okay, you know how the comments for the pages are at the very bottom?

I think that those cause the page to be too long, and if you want to see if someone replied to your comment, it could take a while before you find it.

So, I just wanna share this, I have an account of another Wikia, and if someone wants to say something about the page, they just head to the Talk Page, which is a sparate page for talking ONLY about the subject of the previous topic page. And on that Talk page, there are separate topic parts (like on the origional pages) ment for only certain subjects.

So, I think there sould be talk pages for this wikia, instead of comments. Im not being cruel or anything, but I think that if we add talk pages to this wikia for episodes, Creddie/Seddie pages and others, it would shorten the pages and it would be easier to find you comment to see if someone replied to it!

Now, I just think this should happen because, like I said earlier, comments just make the pages WAY too long! And Im starting they're becoming a waste of space, and if the Talk Pages are added, it could be easier and keep some users on a certain subject, that's all!

So what do you think?

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