• SimbiAni

    I don't usually post here, 'cept a bunch of random comments back before iOMG premiered, but I just recently figured I should maybe post this just for the CAM fans: You can name probably almost any moment/scene/ep, & I can put a workable CAM-pov spin on it! ;P

    For example, (I wrote this a few weeks ago) here is my full CAM-version spin on the current situation.. Basically by the point of iOMG, Sam's feelings for Carly were starting to make it a bit uncomfortable to be around her, so she decided to try hanging out with Freddie for a while, using Brad & the project as an excuse. But of course, that plan kinda backfired on her when as Freddie's "test subject", the device actually *worked* & then she had to deal with Carly's well-intentioned med…

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