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    OK the first thing I want to do is thank EpicnezzEmily she put the quiz together for me and shes amazing. 'So THANK YOU EM.

    Ok so I made this because I was thinking its about time to do something for an icarly fan here where they can win a real prize.

    That prize will either be a custom made Seddie, Creddie, or Cam shirt, or if you are a neutral shipper it will be an icarly superfan shirt.

    I'm gonna give a shirt to the first 2 people who get all the answers correct. This quiz will be left up for a week before I check the results and contact the winners.

    Remember guys it costs me money and I'm personally taking time to put together the shirts and ship them to you so please be patient if it takes a few days to get to you =P

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  • SlappyWiggins

    Ok I guess a few of you like the fonts i've been making so I decided that I will make one for any person that wants one.

    Ok I need the name you want me to use.

    I need 5 colors. (That aren't black or white)

    And I need a word that describes you.

    Add all of that together and you will get my Krazy interpretation of who you are.

    Like these wonderful people below.

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  • SlappyWiggins

    Fire Font

    January 29, 2012 by SlappyWiggins

    Hello everyone I decided that I will make a fire font picture for anyone who wants one. So just tell me what you want it to say preferably 10 characters or less and what color you want it to be. Also if you have a specific font you would like me to use add that or I will just randomly choose one =P. FROM THE ONE AND ONLY SLAPPYWIGGINS.


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  • SlappyWiggins

    Hello good people of the wiki. I've been asked by a few people how I got Sophie to admit she was lying about her heart and I decided to just make a blog about it.

    I don't really know how to begin this story. I was like a lot of you I felt horrible when I found out that Sophie had heart problems. I thought what did this girl do to deserve something as awful as that. I often told Sophie I wish I could trade places with her and that she didn't deserve to be sick or in pain. I always wished that she could be healthy and live a normal life.

    I now wonder how she sat here day after day and lied to us. How do you let your friends cry over you and pray for you when there is truly nothing wrong with you? People die every day and she uses this made up …

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    First I want to start by thanking Fudge she gave me the idea for doing this quiz.

    Question 1 - What user uses the word cannon more than any person on the face of the planet?

    Question 2 - As you know I am SlappyWiggins, can you name at least 3 other usernames I have gone by? Bonus points if u can name more than 3.

    Question 3 - Which user is reffered to as the biggest flirt on the chat room?

    Question 4 - Which user sounds like Nora from iPsycho?

    Question 5 - Name at least 3 users shipped with Reason

    Question 6 - Which user does Reason call Booty?

    Question 7 - What user is the founder of the wiki?

    Question 8 - Name 3 users over the age of 18

    Question 9 - What is Alica's 2nd favorite musical genre to listen to?

    Question 10 - What is Slappy's favorite fo…

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