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  • Slicknickshady

    It boggles my mind how some people now think Creddie is on a even playing field with Seddie as far as what is ENDGAME..Freddie isnt an ahole. If he got with Carly it would show he never really loved Sam and was never over Carly. That’s not going to happen. Do you know what channel the show is on that you are watching?

    Carly isnt a horrible person. Sam is her best friend forever and would not do that too her. She has no interest in Freddie to begin with anyway.

    It’s irrelevant if you think Sam doesnt deserve Carly’s friendship or Freddie’s love. These are Canon facts. Sam and Carly are lifelong friends and Freddie and Sam love each other. Rather you like it or not those are facts.

    Freddie isnt an AHOLE and Carly isnt a HORRIBLE PERSON and ther…

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  • Slicknickshady

    The characters were all in character. It was amazing. SEDDIE!

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  • Slicknickshady

    I love that Sam and Freddie make out in public. Now we just have to see these make out sessions. Cause it is canon that they have make out sessions, they would be too hot for TV though.

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  • Slicknickshady

    Carly is not a horrible person. Sam is her best friend. Some people obviously think the cam friendship isnt important. Cause if Carly does what some of these people are speculating and goes after Freddie. The Cam friendship would be dead forever and this isnt Gossip Girl or Degrassi so that just won't happen.

    It's not about me crushing peoples hope. It's about me stating the obvious. Carly and Freddie just can't happen anymore. I mean my people just don't care about the Carly and Sam friendship at all.

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  • Slicknickshady

    I mean seriously. She was "Awwing" about the relationship. She has no interest in Freddie. How is this not clear to EVERYBODY?

    Seriously some of this stuff just makes me facepalm. Nothing is out of character about Sam and Freddie. They are perfectly in character. They may not be in the fanon you created for yourself, but in Canon, they are in character. People grow and evolve. They don't stay the same forever.

    Seriously im glad these episodes are airing every least for the arc. Shortens the time of delusional theorys.

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