I don't think Nathan Kress is the type to troll fans. And yeah this is old but I think it proves that Sam and Freddie will be together post arc.

“There’s going to be more than one episode dedicated to that developing relationship and what we decide to do and how it affects the others. It’ll be very exciting and I think the fans will be really happy.” - Nathan Kress

That was at the iPWV premiere and the whole ARC had been filmed. Prior to the season he also said that it's safe to say there are more Seddie fans than Creddie fans in a CleverTV interview. So would he really say the fans would be happy if Sam and Freddie were not together? I really don't think so.

What he said in the TigerBeat interview about Seddie and Creddie is no different then what he said...prior to the filming of the season in the CleverTV intervew....and what he said in another interview at the iPWV premiere.

So some are acting like Nathan made it obvious they are not together after the arc in that Tigerbeat interview. My point is while that is possible. It is no different then what he has said twice in the past. He just gave his preference that he isnt for either. No indication thats what happens in the show.

Also I find it funny Nathan thinks Seddie or Creddie would change the dynamic but somehow Sibby wouldnt. lol. So he is sort of a hypocrite in that case. The dynamic has changed forever regardless of what the outcome of the ARC is. Change happens in life. Not everything stays the same forever. People evolve.

My point is....I just want to make clear....what Nathan said was just what he want's to happen. He also made that clear in a iPWV premiere interview after saying it would change the dynamic. Nathan said something like "But it's not up to me." So that proves what Nathan is saying is the same thing he has said before. It's his PR Answer.

Here is that video. Where he says the quote i bolded and when he says that it's not up to him after saying he doesnt want the characters to be permantaly attached dating wise. From like 1:47 - 2:50 in the video is when the stuff is said.


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