It boggles my mind how some people now think Creddie is on a even playing field with Seddie as far as what is ENDGAME..Freddie isnt an ahole. If he got with Carly it would show he never really loved Sam and was never over Carly. That’s not going to happen. Do you know what channel the show is on that you are watching?

Carly isnt a horrible person. Sam is her best friend forever and would not do that too her. She has no interest in Freddie to begin with anyway.

It’s irrelevant if you think Sam doesnt deserve Carly’s friendship or Freddie’s love. These are Canon facts. Sam and Carly are lifelong friends and Freddie and Sam love each other. Rather you like it or not those are facts.

Freddie isnt an AHOLE and Carly isnt a HORRIBLE PERSON and therefore Creddie is NOT GOING TO HAPPEN! It's simple logic.

Can anybody explain to me how now after iLove You that Creddie and Seddie are on even playing field as to what will be End Game? Some people have claimed it’s up for grabs now. It doesnt make any sense.

Are you going to ignore what has been shown in Canon? Sam and Freddie love each other. Carly has never shown real feelings for Freddie. Carly and Sam are BFF’s.

It may not be canon that Sam and Freddie are dating anymore. But it is CANON that they love each other.

And that in essence is why creddie is not going to happen, buried, and impossible.


Sorry if that’s a little too blunt for some of you. I have seen Seddie fans claim it’s on even ground now and that is even more insane.

I know what it’s like to have a ship not be END GAME. It sucks. So if you are a friendly Creddie shipper then i feel for you. But i don’t think people should ignore facts.

Also, I'm not insecure about anything Maryan. Seddie is as bright as it has always been. Sam Puckett and Freddie Benson LOVE EACH OTHER. There is no going back from it. You are going to tell me they are on even ground right now?

Also..I see some pointing to comments DAN said......that he added as an afterthought. Dan expects creddie fans to be happy with the comedy. So now i said my peace. I'm sorry if Mak one of the leaders here isnt a fan of logic and want's to surpress it. I have broke no rules. If being logical offends anybody then sorry. But pointing out CANON facts is not a banable offense.

Sam Puckett and Freddie Benson LOVE EACH OTHER.

♥ ♥ ♥

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