I see some people argue that Sam and Carly's relationship would be fine and dandy if Carly went after Freddie. And i sort of don't get that. You are assuming Sam is going to back away and be fine with it. Well Sam Puckett won't be a Martyr. She won't step down so easily if say a love triangle happened. Sam wouldn't be cool with it. Sam Puckett won't lay down and die like a coward like some people insinuate. Momma plays to win.

This is what Hyperactivecheskie said on the Seddie forum and it's so true.

Let's say Carly does have feelings for Freddie... let's say she is jealous... And let's say, let's say Sam-- having grown as a character and loves Carly 100%-- steps aside and just becomes happy for Freddie and Carly. She'd be what you would call a martyr peoples. Carly would never let that happen. She wouldn't be happy if she had Freddie and Sam was sad... She'd be miserable knowing Sam was hurting inside... that Sam gave up the one guy she has legitimate feelings for. The guy she let break her walls-- the guy she showed her true self to. And losing him-- again and again-- to her best friend is heart breaking.

Before that she talked about how Carly won't be jealous but basigully for argument sake she had Carly having feelings .or Freddie.

So why you don't have to buy any of the above, heck you may not care if Sam get's left out in the cold as long as Creddie happens. And thats your right. You may think Carly and Freddie would be better off without sam in there lives. You may think Sam should thank her lucky stars that Carly and Freddie put up with her. But please if you think like that, at least ask yourself what you have seen on screen in 4+ years of iCarly. Would this really happen? Would Sam step aside.

Sam would not be happy and fine with Carly going after Freddie. She wouldnt act like everythings rosey and whatever happens we will still be friends route. Sam isnt a Coward.

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