Obviously the two kisses were cut a bit for time but they were still adorable. The hand holding was adorable as well. How Freddie brushed Sam's hair. Awesome.

I do want to add i don't understand how some people think Carly was jealous. Carly was in the right this episode. If Sam and Freddie can't learn to solve their own problems they will never last as a couple. So i'm behind Carly 100% in her reaction.

Now next week...Carly's character can be questioned. Not this week though. If Carly does go through with trying to help Gibby and Ms. Benson sabatoge Seddie her character is going to be bashed and killed in online communities and forms. I did like seeing Carly question if she should really help destroy two friends relationship. Makes me think she won't go through with it. Since Sam and Freddie are obviously still together in iLove You.

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