He has done it for a long time. The first time I noticed it was during the iSYL fun facts. He had "Freddie thinks he loves Carly".. Then I noticed a few hours later Dan added... "..And maybe he does." to the end of that statement.

I'm sure he has done it in other fun facts that i didnt notice. Also his last two blogs... He added one question a few hours later "will things eventually get back to normal?" and then the following day he added "Will Freddie some how end up dating Carly?"

And after his latest blog. Shortly after a perfectly reasonable imo comment from Mak (an admin here) Dan added.... "Oh, and if you're a "shipper" – don't go freakin' out on us! Whether you're a Seddie or a Creddie, trust us – you'll have plenty to be happy about in the future of iCarly :)"

So i'm curious on some of your opinions. Regardless of ship. My stance agrees with even Creddie fans i have had strong encounters with. But i have seen other views today on why he does it that make me curious.

So thoughts on why he does it?

I have always defended Dan when people call him a liar. But obviously, it seems obvious he is trying to placate some viewers he is afraid of losing. And i have always been strong in the thought he doesnt cater to fans. And i still buy that when it comes to the outcome of the series. He won't decide based on fan reaction. But obviously my view that he never has catered to viewers has changed.

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