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  • SliverV1

    I saw this game on the Victorious wiki, it was made by Honestlyhonest and people were enjoying it over there, so I thought I would bring over here.

    Heres how it works: Someone comments with the title of a song, any song. BUT the title must be all scrambled up, and then everyone else replies with what they think is the correct title.

    For Example

    Person 1: evol eth awy ouy eli

    Person 2: Love the way you lie

    Person 1: Yeah xD

    Have fun (:

    P.S if you like reading fanfictions could you please read mine (:

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  • SliverV1

    Game: Alphabet Improv

    October 7, 2011 by SliverV1

    this is a game blog that i got from the victorious wiki again xD

    well anybody who saw the pilot episode of Victorious should know what this game is,

    How To Play: i will comment on this blog with a letter, you have to look at the last comment said and say something with the next letter.

    Heres an Example if you dont know what i mean:

    User1: Hey, i just watched iCarly

    User2: I just watched iCarly too

    User3: Just like me, i watched it too

    you just gotta keep the conversation going with the next letter of the alphabet, dont reply, just comment above, so you dont have to scroll down to see the whole conversation, you can also just say random stuff if you want, just make sure it starts with the next letter from the previous comment.

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  • SliverV1

    Game: This or That

    October 6, 2011 by SliverV1

    i saw this game on the Victorious wiki a while back, i thought we could play it here

    This or That

    Someone comments with a This or That? Question. Dont Reply. Comment above with the answer and than ask your own This or That question.

    For example

    User1: Apples or Oranges

    User2: Apples: Tv or Computer

    User3: Computer: chocolate milk or regular milk

    but remember dont reply just answer above it

    ok i think i explained it well

    Lets Start(:

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  • SliverV1

    Seddie shippers do not worry ,this video came out about a month ago, so some of you may have already seen it but in this video of a future episod of iCarly, Sam and Freddie sit on the couch together, and Spencer is in his sleep clothes or something, i was thinking that maybe Spencer walked in on Sam and Freddie kissing, for further proof that this could be a Seddie episode, i ask that you notice the people in the PURPLE suits, this could be a Seddie episode in the future......

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  • SliverV1


    September 14, 2011 by SliverV1

    this is a blog game i seen on the Victorious wiki, so basically you just post a riddle for someone to solve, and then someone solves it.

    For Example

    User 1: i am the beggining of the end, and the end of time and space, i am essential to creation,and i surround every place, what am I ?

    User 2: the letter e

    User 1: that is correct

    Rules: there really is not any Rules, just whoever asked the riddle, has to tell the person who ansewered if they are correct or not

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